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Men and women. Love and betrayal. Lies and promises. Laughter and tears. When men and women meet, revelation can’t be far behind. And when they go their separate ways, catastrophe is close-at-hand. Sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes indescribable – five stories about men and women by award-winning author John Weagly.

Contents include: Shark Infested Pudding, The Prophecies of Marnie Koob, All for the Love of Outlaw Ladies, Wishing on Whores and Portrait of a Call Girl Outside Wrigley Field.

Three of the stories in this collection were previously published as the e-book “A Bucket of Boobs.”



A friendly monster found in a dark alley. A tavern that exists between the planes of reality. A tentacle under a boardwalk. These are but a few of the oddities you’ll find in this collection of stories, plays and poetry by Derringer Award winning author John Weagly.

Contents Include: Detours on the Road to the Squid Circus, In the Garden Apartment of Madness, Down There, A Trip to Water and Sand, Armageddon Mackerel, Trick or Treating in a Sunken City, Squiggle, The Unspeakable Speakeasy, Tentacle Legs, Intelligent Ooze at the End of the World and A Little Wiggle.

Watch yourself when you go outside, it’s raining squid.



13 short and very short plays by John Weagly.

Rock ‘n’ Roll music that opens a rift in time and space.  A weird roadhouse down on the bayou.  An evil cosmic deity running for Alderman of the 14th Ward.  Shakespeare, sea monsters, spacemen, fishmongers and a bit of voodoo.

These are just a few of the subjects covered in this collection of plays about things that don’t happen, but probably should.


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