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The Best Movies I Saw In 2014

The Best Movies I Saw In 2014

Here’s my “Best Of” movie list for 2014. These are movies that I enjoyed that I saw for the first time during last year.

In order of their release into the world:

La Grande Illusion, 1937

Red River, 1948

Wagon Master, 1950

Hatari!, 1962

Ninja III: The Domination, 1984

Crossroads, 1986

The Loved Ones, 2009

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, 2010

Hugo, 2011

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction, 2012
Sightseers, 2012

Blue Ruin, 2013
In A World…, 2013
Jodorowsky’s Dune, 2013
Pain and Gain, 2013
Snowpiercer, 2013
Under the Skin, 2013

Cold In July, 2014
Godzilla, 2014
The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014
The Lego Movie, 2014

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