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31 Days – 31 Plays

31 Days – 31 Plays

For the month of August, I challenged myself to write 31 short plays over 31 days.

And I did it! In 26 days!

It was an interesting experiment, mainly because it wasn’t that difficult. I really don’t understand this myth people call “writer’s block.” There are millions and millions of things to write about in the world. I’ve always thought writer’s block was just another description for laziness. And now I believe that even more.

Some of the topics I wrote about:

Religion, politics, Cthulhu, Music, Hot Dogs, Tattoos, Bank Robbery, Memory Loss, Rollerblades, Dirty Bed Sheets, Superstition, Monkeys, Apes, Zombies, Apples, Music, Abducted Children, Monterey California, Rain, Spelling, Grammar, Machetes, Birthdays, Exercise, Ghost Dogs, Baking, Toe Sucking, Convoys, Scurvy, Lemonade, Mars, Murder, Love, Gun Control, Foxy Boxing, Pickles, The 80’s, The 90’s, the Oughts, Money, Video Games, Christmas, Ray Bradbury, H.P. Lovecraft, Fishing and Dipping Bacon in Mayonnaise.

The average length of each play was 3 ¼ pages, 461 words.

The shortest play, “Monterey” was 1 page, 200 words.

The longest play, “Five Pickles and a Case of Dead Meat,” was 6 pages, 1,021 words.

A few of the plays will end up being scenes in longer works.

A couple of the plays have already been submitted to theaters.

I have theaters in mind for several other plays.

I definitely wandered outside of my comfort zone.

And that, I suppose, is that.

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