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Film Noir Festival 2012

Film Noir Festival 2012

Noir City Chicago took place this past week here in Chicago! That means it was the perfect week for a Film Noir Fest.

You can check out the Film Noir Foundation here.

Here’s what I watched, with Twitter summaries:

Thursday 8-16-12
Home viewing
Tonight’s Noir Fest Film – SLATTERY’S HURRICANE from 1949. Drug-running, hurricanes and melodrama with Richard Widmark.

Friday 8-17-12
Noir City – Introduced by Alan K. Rode
Tonight’s Noir Fest Film – THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK from 1941. Peter Lorre as a sad criminal mastermind with a disfigured face. Excellent!

Saturday 8-18-12
Home Viewing
Tonight’s Noir Fest Film – MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS from 1945. Cat and mouse shenanigans on the British seaside with Nina Foch.

Sunday 8-19-12
Noir City – Introduced by Alan K. Rode
Today’s Noir Fest Film – SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE from 1956. Based on the same newspaper articles as ON THE WATERFRONT. With Dan Duryea!

Monday 8-20-12
Noir City
Today’s 1st Noir Fest Film – SHAKEDOWN from 1950. A sleazy photographer thinks he can outsmart everybody. With Lawrence Tierney.

Noir City – Introduced by Foster Hirsch
Today’s 2nd Noir Fest Film – UNDERTOW from 1949. Framed for murder in the Windy City. With Lawrence Tierney’s brother.

Tuesday 8-21-12
Home Viewing
Tonight’s Noir Fest Film – PRIME CUT from 1972. Lee Marvin goes to Kansas to collect $500,000 from Gene Hackman. Weird and interesting.

Wednesday 8-22-12
Home Viewing
Tonight’s Noir Fest Film – HELL’S HALF ACRE from 1954. Boring murder and mayhem in Hawaii. A dud, in my opinion. With Keye Luke.

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