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Trick or Treating in a Sunken City

Trick or Treating in a Sunken City

A little Flash Fiction for the holiday.


Great Cthulhu slept, dreaming

Dreaming of a time when he would rule again. Dreaming of the worship and madness that would be his once more. Dreaming of his bold, new, terrifying reign.

But then the doorbell rang. And the dreams stopped. And Cthulhu woke.

He shalumphed to his door, gritting his tentacles in annoyance. Cthulhu wasn’t a morning person.

“Trick or Treat!”

A ghost, a pirate and a ballerina. Cthulhu looked into their souls and gave them fear and nightmares and despair. And Almond Joys.

And then he returned to bed, to dream of destroying the world.

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