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CyberAliens Anthology
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A Fistful of Hollers
CyberAliens Anthology
Nothing Deadlier Known to Man
Mouth Full of Bullets
Issue 3
Spring 2007

The Man in the Rainbow Suit,
     Waving as the Boats Pass By

The Chicago Harbor Rag
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Issue 1
May 2006

A Fleeting History of Angry Duck
Issue 5
April 2006
How Zombies Pass the Day
Dead Letters
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March 2006
The Work of One Who Lurks Outside
Book of Dark Wisdom
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October 2005
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December 2004
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October 2004
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Tips for Vessell Protection:
     Zombie Attack
The Chicago Harbor Rag
Print Magazine
Issue 2
July 2006
A Melancholy Letter to the Dawn,
     Written at Sunset

     (A Letter)
The Journal of Modern Post
August 2004
Keep Your Mouth Shut
     (An Essay)
The Writing Group Book
Chicago Review Press
September 2003

Stories Not Quite Published


Writer Jason Evans runs a website called THE CLARITY OF NIGHT. Every now and then, heíll post a photo and host a flash fiction contest. Entrants write a 250 story inspired by the photo.

He puts all of the stories on his website. Since thereís not really an editorial process, theyíre not actual publications, but they are available for perusal.

Iíve entered a couple of times. Here are those stories.

Read "Daybreak"
The Clarity of Night November 7, 2007
Brambles in the Lavender Darkness
Read "Brambles"
The Clarity of Night July 26, 2007
Mama's Drapes
Read "Mama's Drapes"
The Clarity of Night April 19, 2007


Over the last couple of years a new trend has arisen in the realm of hard-boiled short stories, Magazine-Blogs that take anything and everything that comes their way. The first such endeavor I heard about was FLASHING IN THE GUTTERS, run by mystery author Tribe. Since Tribe is a well-respected author in the crime fiction arena, the website caught my interest. The first time I checked it out there was a new story by Allan Guthrie. This was also the same day that Allan Guthrie was nominated for an Edgar award, the Oscar of the mystery fiction field.

Hmm, serious people were taking this seriously.

I read some other stories, some good and some bad, by some other authors, some unheard of and some biggish names. Before I knew it, an hour of reading had gone by and I realized I was hooked. The next day I wrote and sent in my own story, ďA Bullet For Every Brain.Ē It was posted that evening.

I went on to have one more story posted on FLASHING IN THE GUTTERS before Tribe shut it down. Iíve also had a story on the similarly themed FLASH PAN ALLEY and a couple at MUZZLE FLASH.

As Iíve sort of hinted, I donít consider any of these stories as publications. These send-it-in-weíll-put-it-up endeavors are pretty much one-step removed from self-publishing (and itís a very, very tiny step). But I do think itís a good way to keep my name circulating (especially with FLASHING IN THE GUTTERS, which a vast majority of the mystery industry was checking out). I also think that itís a great place for more experimental stuff that wonít quite fit anywhere else.

Here are those stories:

Friday Night on Radio Road
Read "Radio Road"

Powder Burn Flash June 4, 2009
An Invasion on Cement

Muzzle Flash September 8, 2007
Showering in a Thunderstorm
Read "Showering"

A Twist of Noir

Muzzle Flash

March 19, 2009

July 24, 2007

Male Ducks Are Drakes
Read "Male Ducks Are Drakes"
Flash Pan Alley May 8, 2007
If Guns Were Dreams

Muzzle Flash December 7, 2006

Why Abominable Snowmen
     Don't Like Fast Food

Read "Abominable Snowmen"

Flashes of Speculation
December 1, 2006
Breaking Flashing in the Gutters July 1, 2006
A Bullet for Every Brain Flashing in the Gutters February 2, 2006
Hereís a story I put up on my blog.
Friday Night at Cluck & Jive
Read ďCluck & JiveĒ
  June 11, 2008