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About The Undertow of Small Town Dreams:

"I love pleasant surprises and, in this business, one of the best pleasant surprises is finding evidence of a new writer worth reading and following. Thus I wish to bring to your attention a slender but handsomely produced collection of short stories called, evocatively enough, The Undertow of Small Town Dreams, by John Weagly..."
- Edward Bryant, reviewer for Locus Magazine. To read the rest of the review click here

"THE UNDERTOW OF SMALL TOWN DREAMS was a pleasant collection of unusual stories. Humor and wit and freaks and sometimes a killer or two. Certainly not a hardcore collection of horror stories, but one that I shall be passing on to my daughter to read..."
- Jimmy Z, reviewer for To read the rest of the review click here

"John Weagly combines a sly sense of humor with a talent for the truly eerie. The Undertow of Small Town Dreams is a fun collection of stories. I recommend it."
- Barbara D'Amato, author the Cat Marsalla Series

"I just love a happy ending, and John Weagly manages to give you one most of the time, at the end of a quirky story that intrigues you and teaches you something. Want to know the jargon used by pro wrestlers? It's in here. Want a little magic, or is it divine retribution? It's in here, too. But don't call John Weagly a Pollyanna: you'll feel the sharp edge of his wit, often delivered with an O. Henry twist."
- Jody Lynn Nye, author of the Mythology 101 series

"John Weagly uses his unique humor and warped imagination to examine the fringes of popular culture -- everything from professional wrestling to zombie cats -- and attacks them with two-fisted whimsy!"
- Craig Shaw Gardner, author of The Dragon Circle series

About "The Progression of Moving Pictures":

- Chicago Sun-Times

About "King Kong Doesn't Speak":

"Silly to offbeat to surreal" and "quirkiness is sometimes its own reward."
- Chicago Reader

About "Invisible Lightning":

- Chicago Tribune

"Rarely loses sight of the effectiveness of well crafted prose."
- New City

About "Ruffled Feathers":

- Lansing State Journal

About "Dead Dwarf Intermezzo":

"Appealingly quirky."
- Chicago Sun-Times

About "Down There":

- Chicago Reader

About "Dr. Goat: Goat Doctor":

- Indiana Daily Student

"Silly enough to be funny, but not so silly that it gets ridiculous."
- The Herald Times

"Impossible to identify. It's as if Weagly has taken the structure of storytelling, shook it up, made a mad incision, then turned it inside out."
- The Bloomington Voice