October 2005

This made me happy.

I'm a member of several internet news groups and message boards. In the summer of 2004, one of the message boards I'm on had a short story contest. In theory, the stories in this contest were supposed to be read and rated by the four hundred members on the board. The members were supposed to rate each story on a scale from 1 to 4 and then all the scores would be averaged together. First prize was publication in the magazine Book of Dark Wisdom. I came up with a story, "Squiggle," and sent it in.

Well, only two people rated my story and one of them gave it a rating of 0.5. The other rating was better but the average came out very, very low.  "Squiggle" placed second to last of all the stories submitted.

I didn't think that was quite fair, I liked my story and wanted to see it get a fair shake. As soon as the contest was over, I went the regular submission route for Book of Dark Wisdom. The editors liked "Squiggle," they said it was "well written and very well rounded for being a 'flash' tale."They accepted my second to last place story for publication.

But wait, there's more...

A few months before I sent "Squiggle" in to Book of Dark Wisdom, I sent them a haiku called "The Work of One Who Lurks Outside."  This fine magazine also accepted my haiku.

Both "Squiggle" and "The Work of One Who Lurks Outside" are available this month (October 2005) in Issue 7 of Book of Dark Wisdom.

To order this excellent magazine go here.