October 2007

This isn’t news about me necessarily, but it’s about my girlfriend Mary.

Several months ago, Borders Books ran a contest where people could send in pictures of their rescued pets for a book they were doing called HOPEFUL TAILS, a gift book that celebrates rescued pets and the families who gave them their forever homes. Well, we have cats that we either took from shelters or off of the street and Mary loves to take pictures of them, so participating was a no-brainer.

Mary chose one picture of each of our darlings, she sent in the photos and we forgot about it. Then in September Mary got an e-mail saying that out of thousands of submissions, HOPEFUL TAILS chose one of her pictures! They didn’t tell us which kitty would be immortalized.

The book came out and on page 64 is a picture of one of our more neurotic felines, Ash. Mary found Ash under a dumpster on the day we moved in together. She’s named after one of the greatest movie heroes of all time, Bruce Campbell’s Ashley J Williams of the EVIL DEAD films.

The book is available in Borders Bookstores across the country.

But wait! There’s more…

Every year Workman Publishing comes out with a BAD CAT Calendar. People from all over the world send in pictures of their cats and 365 lucky felines end up on the calendar.

Our cat Bobo is officially a bad cat!

Mary found Bobo in an alley. Bobo was feral, but Mary worked with her and worked with her. Now Bobo is the most spoiled animal on the planet.

For the 2008 calendar (both the wall calendar and the page-a-day desk calendar), Bobo’s picture is featured on August 24. She even made it onto both the front and back covers (she’s the one with a green feather toy on her head).

So if you’re in a bookstore and you say to yourself “Gee, I wonder what John and Mary’s cats look like,” now you have an easy way to find the answer.