October 1, 2004

I’ve won a Norumbega Fiction Award!

My short story collection, THE UNDERTOW OF SMALL TOWN DREAMS (published by Twilight Tales), won the Hamlin Award for Best Novella/Short Story Collection.

The Norumbega Fiction Awards are an annual literary competition founded by students at the University of Maine to recognize the work of unpublished writers, self-published writers, and small-press publishers. Their idea is to establish a prestigious award that gives cash prizes and plaques to talented writers who are under-represented in mainstream literary circles. The competition is held once a year and the winners are based on submissions nominated by writers and independent publishers. All nominations are judged equally on the following criteria: originality, strength of prose, strength of story, thematic approach, character development and overall quality as a work of literature. The awards are sponsored in full by Media Darlings Literature, Art & Sound. “Norumbega” is the name of the mythical city of gold believed to be near modern-day Bangor, Maine.

Norumbega Fiction Awards are given for Best Novel, Best Novella/Short Story Collection and Best Short Story. There is also a Jury Prize for Outstanding Fiction.

For more information about the Norumbega Fiction Awards, go to www.mediadarlings.org.
Needless to say, I’m thrilled!