June 2011

Working girls. 

Sometimes with a heart of gold, sometimes with a heart of coal and sometimes just showing up late to the party, they’re out there - walking the beat, fulfilling dreams and doing what they can to make ends meet. 

Sex sells and sex is for sale in these three stories of pimps and prostitutes.

My second short story collection is now available!

A Bucket of Boobs, a collection of three short stories about ladies of the night, is now available on Kindle.

An original introduction to the collection
New introductions for each story
Terrific cover art by Deborah Paulik
And, of course, 3 great stories:
“The Prophecies of Marnie Koob”
“Wishing on Whores” (Derringer & Spinetingler Award Nominee)
“Portrait of a Call Girl Outside Wrigley Field” (Derringer Award Winner)

To order A Bucket of Boobs go to here.