July 11, 2006

Screaming Clown Update

On Halloween of 2005, my evil clown story “In the Mind of the Screaming Clown” was published at ScienceFictionFantasyHorror.com.

This is a cool, relatively new Web-Zine that pays for stories (a rarity for an internet publisher). In addition to paying cash, they printed business cards and magnets with the name of my story, my name and the great artwork they came up with to accompany the story. And if that wasn’t enough, when “In the Mind of the Screaming Clown” was posted on the thirty-first, I found out that they also made rubber stamps that they’re selling through the website. The stamp features the evil clown artwork inspired by my story and I get a cut of the stamps sales profits.

Now I’ve just found out that “In the Mind of the Screaming Clown” is the most read story this Web-Zine has published. It has the lead by over 5,000 reads.

Pretty cool.

Click to read “In the Mind of the Screaming Clown