So What's Going on Here?

Between 2000 and 2002, I was co-editor on the Twilight Tales Anthology Freaks, Geeks & Sideshow Floozies and silent co-editor on the Twilight Tales Anthology Blood & Donuts.  I liked the editing process, it was a lot like directing a play (instead of helping an actor find their best performance, you help an author find their best story).

In 2002, my girlfriend, Mary Duros, and I threw together Wrestling Rings and Other Things as an emergency short story collection for a convention.  We did it in four days, teaching ourselves along the way and the book turned out quite well, all things considered.

Now fast forward to 2004.  I'd thought a lot about editing for Twilight Tales and assembling Wrestling Rings and Other Things.  I'd also noticed that there were a lot of really great authors that weren't getting published enough.  On top of that, certain types of stories that I wanted to read were't showing up anywhere.

Out of all of this, Iguana Publications was born.

We had the technology and we knew how to use it. We set out to publish a series of chapbooks, each one around 10,000 words each, saddle-stapled and with a very small initial print run of around 100 copies. We didn't want them to be fancy books, just modest, original and fun to read.

"Masque of the Small Town Oddball," our first anthology, came out in the Fall of 2004 and featured stories by Martin Mundt, Adam Pepper, David Coxhead, Tim Curran, Paul Dailing, Stephen D. Rogers and myself.

In early 2005, "Requiem for the Radioactive Monkeys" arrived with stories and poems by Tina L. Jens, Martin Mundt, Wally Cwik, Paul Dailing, Bruce Arthurs, Barbara Geiger, Wayne Allen Sallee and J. A. Konrath.

And in October 2005, we presented "Bone Ballet," featuring stories by James S. Dorr, Simon Wood, Michael Penncavage, Martin Mundt, Trent Roman, JR Campbell and Thomas J. Keevers. A new ingredient this time around was cover art by Jason Vucic.

So far we're up to 21 original stories, a poem and some great artwork. We've published 19 authors, some bestsellers, some having their first publication in our pages.

And we have more exciting plans for the future.

Iguana Publications' Chapbooks are available in Great Bookstores like:

Borderlands in San Francisco.


Shocklines right here on the Internet.

You can even order them through this website! Just shoot me an email! Or click on the paypal link.

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Requiem for the Radioactive Monkeys

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