I have a couple of plays opening in the next couple of weeks in the
Chicagoland area.

Brown Couch Theatre Company is doing my monologue, “Tombstone Diploma”, as
part of their evening of ten-minute plays called “Kickin’ It Old Skool”.
All of the plays in this evening revolve around education.

Here’s the info:

“Tombstone Diploma”
by John Weagly
Directed by Allison Moody
Featuring Anna Weiler

Brown Couch Theatre Company
At the Piven Theatre
Noyes Cultural Arts Center
927 Noyes Street
Evanston, Illinois


Friday 8/8 8:00
Saturday 8/9 8:00
Sunday 8/10 3:00

Thursday 8/14 8:00
Friday 8/15 8:00
Saturday 8/16 8:00

I'm not sure how much tickets cost.


The other play is called "Bags of Bones" and is about the evils of having a
skeleton. It's being done at the Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival.

Here’s the info:

Iguana Productions presents
“ Bags of Bones”
Written and Directed by John Weagly
Featuring Dave Coxhead and Eric Radic

Mary Arrchie Theatre's Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival
731 W. Sheridan
Chicago, Illinois


Friday 8/15 11:10 pm

A word about the Abbie Hoffman Fest. This festival goes all weekend,
non-stop, round the clock. Plays are back to back to back. Because of
this, sometimes perormances start a little bit late. My play is towards the
beginning of the festival, so I doubt it will start late, but I wanted to
give you fair warning.

Single Admission: $5.00
(You get in once, if you leave and want to came back in, it's another $5.00)
Day Pass: $10.00
(Come and go all day)
Weekend Pass: $25.00
(Come and go all weekend)

"Tombstone Diploma" will be pretty much a regular theater experience. "Bags
of Bones", due to the nature of the festival, will be more of a sit on the
floor and enjoy the atmosphere as much as the play type of deal.

Oh, and you can bring booze to "Bags of Bones".