April 2004

A few months ago, my friend Michelle opened a daycare with her mom. They were nice enough to ask me to write a poem for the enterprise, and, since Michelle's a great person who readily supports all of my endeavors, I knew I couldn't refuse. I read the poem at the grand opening party (great fun, a combination of drinking and playing with children's toys) and I thought I'd also share it here.

Here's where you can find out more about the daycare:

Portage Park Daycare

And here's the poem:

For cheerful welcomes, for warmth-filled smiles
For journeys that start and last thousands of miles

For working with numbers, for playing with words
For jumping like rabbits and flying like birds

For telling a story, for singing a song
For learning what's right and learning what's wrong

For finding friendships, for reasons to cheer
For young dreams and lessons, it's all right here