Currie Valley - a hazy little town on the banks of the mighty
Mississippi. It's a quiet place, filled with ex-wrestlers, a bandit
dreaming of glory and fame, a mistreated werewolf and love in
a meteor shower. In Currie Valley, as with any good undertow,
you might just get carried away.

It's here!

My first short story collection is now available to the public!

As some of you may or may not know, last summer I had a short story collection published by Twilight Tales publications. The book was called Wrestling Rings and Other Things and contained eleven of my terrific tales. Wrestling Rings was thrown together over a period of forty-eight hours (we needed it for a convention) and it quickly sold out.

But now it's available again! (sort of)

This go around we've taken the time to really make the book something special. It still contains most of the same great stories, but now we've expanded it with five new ones. We've also included an introduction by popular mystery writer Sam Reaves and quotes from big name authors like Barbara D'Amato, Craig Shaw Gardner and Jody Lynn Nye. There's also praise from the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Bloomington Voice and a wonderful new cover designed by John Everson. This new extravaganza is called The Undertow of Small Town Dreams.

If you can't tell, I'm very excited about this book!

Look at this fantastic line up of stories:

Ruffled Feathers
The Strange Case of the Monkey Candelabra
The Ballad of Johnny Whisper
The Brain That Wouldn't Dance
Revolt of the Zombie House Cat
Maggie Anne and the Raggedy Man
The Fire on Hogback Island
Gorgeous George and the Ring Rat
Nocturnal Divorce
Combustible Soup
Fool's Eve at the Slaughtered Lamb
Mr. Bones Speaks to the Bright Round Moon
Smilin' Jack's Donut Shack

To order the Undertow of Small Town Dreams go to, and click Anthologies.