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The Last Abbie Fest

The Last Abbie Fest

This weekend (August 19, 20 & 21) will be Mary-Arrchie Theatre’s last Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival.  The annual performance mashup celebrates the anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair of 1969. Three days of non-stop entertainment including more than 50 theater groups and performers.

I first participated in Abbie Fest 20 years ago in 1996.  I’ve done my plays at Abbie Fest, I’ve done plays by other people and other people have done plays by me.  It was always the perfect environment for those of us that want to do something a little bit off the beaten track or maybe don’t fit into the mold of Chicago storefront theater.  Since I mainly write short-short plays, I could produce a six-minute script and have it performed at 9:15 on a Friday night.  Or 1:40 on a Saturday afternoon.  Or 7:05 on a Sunday morning.

This year my company (Iguana Productions) will present “Convoy Tony and Convoy Troy Talk About Convoys.”  It will feature my friends Brian Pastor & Conor Clark (I always did my Abbie Fest shows with friends, because what’s the point in doing stuff any other way?).  It’ll be 8 minutes of absurd silliness and hopefully people will enjoy it.

Here are the details:

Iguana Productions presents:

“Convoy Tony and Convoy Troy Talk About Convoys”

Written & Directed by John Weagly

Featuring: Brian Pastor & Conor Clark

Convoy Tony and Convoy Troy both love big rigs, CB radios and convoys – but do they both love the truth?

Friday August 19


The Den Theater – 1333 N. Milwaukee in Chicago

Part of the Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival 28 – The Last Abbie Fest


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